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Hair Services

Licensed cosmetologist since 2004. I specialize in healthy hair, color, and natural hair transitioning.


One on one consultation to evaluate your hair and the look you want to achieve. Bring pictures!

Eyebrow Shaping

We'll define and shape the best brow for you

Hairstyles & Treatments


30 mins | $20+


15 mins | $10+
Add body and bounce and maintain healthy ends with a trim.

Women's Cut & Style

60 mins | $55+

Formal Hair - updos

45 mins | $60+
Wand curls, Crimps, Fishtail braids, Updos etc

Transitioning Cut

60 mins | $45+
Aka the big chip! It's even and all chemically straightened hair is removed. Includes a deep conditioner to start you on your natural journey properly.

Basic Style - flat iron/rollerset

45 mins | $45+
Shampoo, blow dry, flat iron with instant conditioner

Kids Silk Press

90 mins | $45+

Childrens Wash & Curl

45 mins | $35+

Deep Conditioning Treatment

45 mins | $20+
Hydrates dry or damaged hair to help maintain hair health.

Hot Oil Treatment

45 mins | $25+
Nourish, repair, and strengthen dry hair with the power of hot oil.

Protein Treatment

45 mins | $20+
Strengthen, repair, and restore damaged hair with a protein treatment.

Scalp Treatment

45 mins | $30+
Exfoliate your scalp, refresh your hair follicles, and release natural oils to nourish your hair from root to tip.

Silk Press

90 mins | $65+
Special service using decca heat protecting and hair strengthening system.

Relaxer Retouch

60 mins | $60+
A retouch 8 weeks after your chemical relaxer to keep your hair soft and smooth.

Virgin Relaxer

75 mins | $70+
Safely straighten and nourish your hair with a virgin relaxer.

Deca Scalp Treatment

30 mins | $25+
Removes dry scalp remnants. Clears all build up from the scalp, allowing the hair follicle to open. This helps with hair growth, Eczema of the scalp, product build up, etc

Design Essentials Strengthening System

120 mins | $115+
A straightening system that uses special proteins to strengthen the hair and keep it straight or tamed from frizz. Last 12 weeks.

Deep condition

15 mins | $15+

Hair Colors

Extension Coloring

75 mins | $50+
Must drop extensions off 1 week prior to installation

Semi Permanent Color

45 mins | $10+
In addition to service

Color Root Touch Up

90 mins | $60+

Partial Color

75 mins | $70+
Spot focus your color treatment on a certain area of your hair for dramatic dimension.

One process Full Color

180 mins | $85+
Includes basic style

Partial Hilights

75 mins | $75+
Partial foil highlights

Double Process Full Color

105 mins | $85+

Braids & Locs

$30 and up for 45 minutes

One on one consultation to evaluate your hair and the look you want to achieve. Bring pictures!


60 mins | $50+
It's all in the name. Safely take down your hairstyle so you can start fresh.

Kid's Braids

135 mins | $45+
Braids for the little ones in your life.

Box Braids

360 mins | $150+
Protective and trendy, this braid style parts sections of your hair in boxes for a tiled pattern part and even braids.

Small box braids will be an additional $50

Box Braid Retouch

120 mins | $50+
First 2 Rows Redone

Individual Braids

300 mins | $95+
Jumbo box braids

Goddess Braids

120 mins | $85+
Braided close to the scalp with natural hair or extensions for a feminine goddess-like look.

Crochet Braids

150 mins | $100+
Individual crochet braids will be an additional 25 for perimeter only and additional 50 for all over.

Crochet Braids - Curly Hair

150 mins | $125+
Hair will be shampooed, braided and curly or wavy crochet hair will be installed, cut, and styled. Normally lasts 1 to 3 months depending upon extension quality

Crochet Braids - w/ extensions

180 mins | $125+
Stylish and protective. We'll attach extensions through your natural hair for a full-bodied look.

Loc Style

60 mins | $35+
Short, long, dread, wool — we'll style your locs to your liking.

Loc Maintenance

90 mins | $60+
Keep your locs going strong with a maintenance session. We'll wash, moisturize, incorporate new growth, and retwist any stray locs.

Glue in Extensions

90 mins | $60+

Other Hair Services

Extended Ponytail

60 mins | $65+

Cornrows - No Hair Added

105 mins | $45+

Extended Cornrows

135 mins | $60+

Comb Twist

90 mins | $65+

Twist Out

90 mins | $60+
Add body to your hair naturally. We'll twist sections of your hair, let them dry, and uncoil for bounce all over.

Flat Twists

90 mins | $60+
Protect and style natural hair with cornrow-like braids.

Virgin Dread Twist

60 mins | $75+

Natural Twists

90 mins | $55+
Beachy and natural. This style twists two strands of hair around each other from root to tip.

Natural Flexi Rods

90 mins | $65+
Add body and bounce to your hair with flexi rods for curls that lasts for days.

Full Sew In

150 mins | $200+
Includes shampoo and style. $50 deposit required to book appointment. You can cashapp your deposit $artofessence

Partial Sew In

120 mins | $150+
Includes wash & blow dry. $50 deposit required to book appointment. You can cashapp your deposit $artofessence

Closure Sew In

135 mins | $160+
$50 deposit required to book appointment. You can cashapp your deposit $artofessence

Tracking/Single Track Sew-In

75 mins | $75+
Seamless and discreet, a single track involves one track line for a lightweight, no-show weave fit.

Additional Tracks Glued

15 mins | $5+
5 per track

Sew-in maintenance

90 mins | $70+
Shampoo and complete detangling and drying of extensions.Tightening of closure. Tightening of tracks. Must of been installed by me.

Quick Weaves

90 mins | $75+

Weave Maintenance

90 mins | $70+
Strengthen, repair, and maintain your weave.

Wand/Barrel Curls

60 mins | $20+
Alacarte service with basic style! 20 for large wand 40 for small


Tuesday Special

45 mins | $25
Shampoo blowdry flat iron 12pm -6pm Tuesdays only

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